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Sarah Kay Bierle is an author, speaker, and researcher focusing on the American Civil War. She holds a BA in History, serves as Managing Editor at Emerging Civil War, and works in historic preservation. She is always looking for new ways to advance the public discussion of history. www.sarahkaybierle.com


Research desks can be lonely and isolated.

Social media can be a monster. Friends and family get defensive quickly.

Sound familiar?

After a lonely year with a lot of hard thinking in 2020, Sarah Kay Bierle made the careful decision to launch Historian Life Podcast which first aired in March 2021. In short segments, the podcast addresses challenges in the history field, kicking off Season 1 with a detailed look at heroes, myths and legends, visual representations, and ideas for stripping away memory barricades.

Drawing on her experiences of learning and teaching through conversation, Sarah seeks to provide notes, ideas (that are working!), historical insight, and dash of humor and personal tales.

Historian Life Podcast does not limit its audience to history field professionals or history buffs. There’s always something interesting to explore and concepts for chatting about “hot topics” as the challenge to explore and interpret the past grows, changes, haunts, and challenges all of us.

“Grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s consider new ways to be inspired by history and then bring that inspiration out of the libraries and away from our desks to make a difference and inspire civil conversation.”

— Podcast Intro

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