Season 1, Episode 4: Do We Need Heroes?

Do we need heroes? Well, they are a long-standing human tradition, going back to ancient times which suggestions there might be something deeply important to the concept. So…why do we need heroes? Perhaps they make us feel better about ourselves, and perhaps the concept of hero helps to reflect the changing values of individuals and society as they “make or break” their demigod heroes.


  • “Do we need heroes?” – Quick Answer: Yes or No.
  • Is there a tradition of heroes in human history? Yes, all the way back in ancient history.
  • The Epic of Gilgamesh
  • What did cultures value? Heroes are born out of the ideals that culture holds.
  • Why do humans need heroes?
  • Positive and negative reasons for needing heroes.
  • Do heroes make us feel better about ourselves?
  • As time passes, is it less about the hero and more about our relationship or perception of that figure?
  • Heroes are identified based on where thought patterns are at in society (rise and fall of heroes).
  • Were they heroes in life, after death, or both? Why?
  • The people seen as heroic can change based on patterns of thought in our lives or in society around us.

Episode Questions:

  • Why do I see this person as a hero?

Published by Sarah Kay Bierle

I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, author, speaker, and researcher. Past and present, everyone has a story. What will we discover and discuss?

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