Season 1, Episode 5: Heroes & Memory

What Memory? This episode introduces the ideas of “History” – “Memory” – “Collective Memory” to lay a foundation for more discussion about heroes. Sarah uses a story about a recent camping to try to break down the history, memory, collective memory concepts and then shares a brief example from the more distant past, the BattleContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 5: Heroes & Memory”

Season 1, Episode 4: Do We Need Heroes?

Do we need heroes? Well, they are a long-standing human tradition, going back to ancient times which suggestions there might be something deeply important to the concept. So…why do we need heroes? Perhaps they make us feel better about ourselves, and perhaps the concept of hero helps to reflect the changing values of individuals andContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 4: Do We Need Heroes?”

Season 1, Episode 3: A List of Heroes?

As we’re digging deeper into the concept of heroes, Sarah shares about how she made a “list of heroes” in her childhood and how thinking back to that moment is important for considering the rise and fall of heroes. We’ll also explore definitions for the word “hero”, laying the groundwork for future episodes. P.S. WeContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 3: A List of Heroes?”

Season 1, Episode 2: Heroines & History

It’s Women’s History Month, so let’s chat about the ladies of the past. Why aren’t there so many “legendary” women? How can we strive to include women’s stories into the conversation about history? Sarah Kay Bierle shares some examples, stories, and ideas in this new episode. Content: Women’s History Month! Let’s talk about women andContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 2: Heroines & History”

Season 1, Episode 1: Does History Really Inspire?

In this inaugural episode, Sarah Kay Bierle chats about her philosophy when approaching history, shares a couple of personal stories, and sets the stage for re-examining historical heroes, legends, myths, visual representations, and more in Season 1 of Historian Life Podcast! Content: The big question: does history really inspire? “Paul Revere’s Ride” – an influentialContinue reading “Season 1, Episode 1: Does History Really Inspire?”

Coming Soon (March 2, 2021 – To Be Exact)

Take a break. (We’re going to keep this short with podcast episodes around 20 minutes or less.) Make a difference. (Why study history after-all?) Have a Civil Conversation. (We’re always nice on the podcast. Even when the subjects are hard and controversial. And we’ll be sharing encouragement and ideas for having a meaningful chat aboutContinue reading “Coming Soon (March 2, 2021 – To Be Exact)”