Coming Soon (March 2, 2021 – To Be Exact)

Take a break. (We’re going to keep this short with podcast episodes around 20 minutes or less.)

Make a difference. (Why study history after-all?)

Have a Civil Conversation. (We’re always nice on the podcast. Even when the subjects are hard and controversial. And we’ll be sharing encouragement and ideas for having a meaningful chat about the past with those around you through examples that have been working for us.)

Sarah Kay Bierle, podcast solo host for Season 1, chose March as the podcast release month since it will be Women’s History Month. She’ll be chatting with listeners each week about myths and legends and ideas for stripping away those pesky memory sagas to get to the heart of understanding the past and the real people living through crises. Known for her friendliness and commitment to finding and sharing history accurate, Sarah is looking forward to sharing part of her thinking and research journeys.

As she often points out: “We don’t know everything we start on these history and research adventures. That’s the point. We’re learning. I make mistakes, you’ll make mistakes. That’s okay because we’re human and humans make mistakes. But the point is: why did we make the mistake and what do we learn from it. That’s history and that’s studying the past, too.”

Historian Life Podcast will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other favorite listening apps, and there will always be links and extra materials available here on our website.

Published by Sarah Kay Bierle

I’m Sarah Kay Bierle, author, speaker, and researcher. Past and present, everyone has a story. What will we discover and discuss?

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